"Was Sie aus der Nähe bekommen ... ist das Beste". (Sjeng Liang)

Not-made in China wird in Kürze seinen Webshop eröffnen. Top-Produkte, tolle Angebote, beste Qualität, garantierter Service und schnelle Lieferung.

"Ce que vous obtenez de près ... est le meilleur". (Sjeng Liang)

Not-made in China ouvrira bientôt sa boutique en ligne. Des produits haut de gamme, des offres exceptionnelles, la meilleure qualité, un service garanti et une livraison rapide.

'Lo que obtienes de cerca ... es lo mejor'. (Sjeng Liang)

Not-made in China pronto abrirá su tienda web. Mejores productos, excelentes ofertas, la mejor calidad, servicio garantizado y entrega rápida.

'What you get from close ... is the best'. (Sjeng Liang)

Not-made in China will soon open its webshop. Top products, great offers, the best quality, guaranteed service and fast delivery.


Not-made in China is an online shop for the sale of products that do not come from China. This keeps employment and profits in your own country. But we also retain our knowledge, independence, creativity and innovative strength. There are fewer transport costs with polluting ships and the products are made in countries that respect the necessary environmental requirements and human rights.
Above all, the products are of European quality.

Not-made in China is good for our economy, culture, the environment and for umanity.


Not-made in China is not guilty fun-shoping.

Not-made in China is best price, good quality, fast delivery.

Not-made in China is no problems, best service.

See You later...!